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Our Vision


To provide the undeserved with Professional Technical training and resources. So that they can become empowered. Enabling them to become self sustaining, productive citizens.


As a result of being exposed to Technical Training, and Mentoring.We believe that we can positively influence our students. Through the sharing of information, and exposing them to working professionals, particularly in the Information Technology sector.


"TTCOA, is a Minority owned, entity that has its roots and development, from the culmination of decades of working in mass production and mission critical environments, as well as the development of formal training models, curriculum development outlines.


In work flows such as in Information Systems, Medical Imaging, Virtual Data Center provisioning, Global Server Environment Load Balancing, Process Automation Solutions development, and Network Infrastructure Management and maintenance standardization and optimization methodologies.


Which have now, finally all culminated into a Multi Faceted, Training and Development Enterprise. Dedicated to sharing it's knowledge and skillets, with the under served.

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