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Systems Administration

Traning in the following Server Platforms:




A basic Computer Systems Maintenance, Repair and Administration - The training course provides a basic overview and instruction in the usages of Computer Systems Software, Hardware, Enterprise Applications, and use cases for Computer Systems Technology, with in the workplace. The training outlines a basic introduction into various operational workflows, and industry best practices for the use of Applications, Desktop, Servers and Mobile Technology uses.


The students will be introduced to enterprise office software, and office production environment workflows. As well as basic desktop functions, computer systems maintenance and administration. The program provides relevant training in preparation for obtaining professional computer systems repair and administration certifications. Such as a CompTIA A+, and or Microsoft Professional Designations, (MCP). And or a Microsoft Certified Office Specialist, (MOS).


Additionally, the program is designed to provide training to students, for the basic use of Computers, helping them to develop proficiency in clerical and administrative computer operations. That correlates to their school work, and or in their respective workplaces.


By assisting them in becoming more productive workers, consequently adding more value to their employers, as they will become better skilled employees. As a result of having acquired fundamental operational, and advanced computer skills. The program is also ideal for an adult student, needing to brush up on their clerical skills. Such as someone who has been away from a traditional office environment for a few years, and is seeking to return to an office environment, to work. Or ex – military personnel transitioning to an office environment.

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